the original rotary.

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  1. give some respect. this car is where the goodness that is Wankel power got it's start.
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    Wankel-power is pretty Cool; high power from a small engine.
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    G'day from down under.

    The L10 Cosmo technically wasn't the 1st rotary powered car. That honour went to the single rotor powered NSU Spider of 1963.

    Mazda launched the L10 Cosmo in 1967 as their 1st rotary powered car.

    The L10 Cosmo came in 2 versions.......

    L10A = 67-68 (110hp 2-rotor + 4-speed)
    L10B = 68-72 (128hp 2-rotor + 5-speed)

    Some limited exports where made. The official export name was "110S". These where based on the L10B version with L10A running gear. No lhd versions where done.

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