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  1. Most of the people in Japan are not even aware of what happened. I just think its absolutley amazing that so many people don't know about it, the things done to people in there were truly pure evil and did not yield any benefits or scientific merit behind it. People from U731 still meet once a year in Japan.
  2. Was it Mc777 who held the record for most negative Karma ever received for one thread? Or maybe it was Impy.
  3. Hmmmmmm not too sure impy was the record holder for posts at that time but I reckon BigRob was up there for negative karma but you could be right.
  4. burner
  5. also, DLing the movie
  6. You will be genuinely shocked when you see it I can guarentee that much.
  7. i hope so

    i've seen some pretty #$%#ed up shit
  8. ya
  9. Why do people like to watch #$%#ed up stuff? I never will be into it, and I'm quite glad that this is the case.
  10. I don't necessarily like to watch it, it's just good to see and realize it so you know the truth. Nothing is more important than the facts
  11. Meh. I don't need to see something #$%#ed up to know that it's wrong. It might make me more emotional about the issue though, which isn't necessarily a good thing.
  12. Japanese are all disturbing, sadistic, evil, mallice and despicable, what's new about this?
  13. Haha yes! #$%# that was funny.
  14. interesting but yeah not going to watch
  15. eh, i'm interested in shit like this. when i was younger i would go on ogrish and sites like that because it made me feel something, like an adrenaline rush. i wanted to desensitize myself for some reason. it worked. nowadays i'm not disgusted or shocked by anything (other than animal torture) but i have a morbid fascination with things like serial killers and the holocaust.

    i'm not a violent/angry person at all though
  16. would you say you are cold blooded
    like, say, would you stab someone in the neck, not because you are mad, but because you want to see them die
  17. no i wish everyone would get along
  18. I remember when you had the yellow Lancer rally car in mid-jump. I think I had 3 karma or something and starting to get the hang of it when it was taken away. And I remember not wanting to swear because that lost you karma. Haha.
  19. I'm interested in the psycology of the psychopaths, but beyond that I have non of this. The odd time I come across something #$%#ed up (violent, not sexual) on the net I get disgusted, but I honestly want to keep it that way.
  20. ya, like, it's one thing to read about Mengele; it's another to see some of the stuff he did. i'm sure someone back in the day compiled as much visual evidence as possible in a text, but i've only seen the tidbits they'll show on TV (which clearly aren't anywhere close to the real nature of his work).

    very fascinating to read about what was done and what the results were (and then pondering the implications of it all); there's no need to see the evidence of the acts. save that for the deniers (holocaust, and probably Japanese deniers too).
  21. any result kawaii?
  22. that's exactly me
  23. I don't think he has a violent temper or is enough cruel or/and hateful/insane to take a survival knife and gauge out someone's eyes. I also don't think he collects large survival knives.
  24. youre propably right
  25. finished downloading. its 4 hours long? good lord

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