The Quad turbo is sh¡t

Discussion in '1998 Lamborghini Diablo Evolution GTR' started by CLKGTRguy, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. an ordinary Diablo has over 500 hp, and this only adds 150hp or so.... not much of an improvement
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    well, it is an improvement, but i think with a quad turbo it should have some more bhp.
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    15o bhp not much improvement? Try adding 150 to every other car. Doesn't seem so bad. Lamborghini makes sweet cars, but they're not gods.
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    OMG... i have never seen such morons... its obvious that the turbo boost pressure settings arent very high. (STOCK YOU DUMASSES)
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    What are you smoking? A 25 bhp improvement is great, let alone 150!
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    From a turbo? What the hell are you talking about??? I know a guy with an old bmw 325 convertable with A (one) 2000 dollar turbo and it puts out nearly 500hp! Thats at least a 300hp increase! Heres a diablo with 4! It shoud be cranking out at least 800hp! look at the bugatti!
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    the reason it has four turbos is not necessarily to boost the increase in power over having fewer turbos. for example, when skylines are tuned to big bhp the tuners ditch the twin turbos and opt for one big one- bigger power gains because but lots ( i mean LOTS and LOTS) of turbo lag cos it takes ages to get spinning. four turbos are used here so the engine acts like 2 twin turbo'd straight 6's, with very little turbo lag and a much more even power curve.


    and the BMW with one big turbo would have the mumma of all turbo lags, making it very nasty to drive unless, of course, progressive nitrous is used. which wasnt mentioned so i doubt it.


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    1. 150 hp is tons of improvement
    2. if this is 'shit', lets see what your mazda can do

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