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  1. you eat cow, pig and chicken meat right? how is that different than horse?
  2. or kitten ?
  3. you really see no difference between eating animals bred for food and putting a hook through a kitten and dangling it in the water as bait? not to mention doing this shit for recreation.
  4. honestly , I wouldn't be the type to eat horse or fish with cats ...

    but as far as my moral compass goes , there not all that dissimilar ... in both scenarios an animal dies , and quite frankly for me the horse is even worse because of the type of animal it is

    if TSCM said those cats were barn cats and bred for fishing does that make it acceptable in your books ?
  5. Recreational fishing with any sort of live mammal is pretty appalling.
  6. of course it wouldn't be acceptable, what i'm saying is that animals bred for food are (should be) killed humanely and are something of a necessity, whereas this is just cruel and unnecessary.

    i'm looking forward to a time when we can economically grow meat that isn't attached to a nervous system
  7. the lab burger that was made from stem cells, they presented a while back, was a promising start.
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    I wonder what this tastes like
  9. If no one were watching, I'd kill a dog and eat it. Especially if it were an agressive dog.

    A cat too.

    Animals are animals, they're either food or pests.

    Dogs are friendly and show affection! So does any other animal if you raise it and feed it and coo at it and play with it. Big deal.
  10. we ate the fish.

    also on the fishing with mammals principal put out there I've also fished with mice.

    the cats weren't bread for fishing but they were unwanted by said farmer and if someone didn't want them they would have been killed anyway. welcome to a farming community in the 1980's. if something doesn't have a use it gets killed. its just how it works.
  11. That same principle applies to humans. Children are friendly and show affection because...
  12. Not trying to imply that eating dogs or cats would be immoral, though.
  13. "Animals are animals, they're either food or pests."

    what a shitty attitude to have. you're an animal too, you know
  14. I think he thinks he's more akin to a deity
  15. No, I know. You're just being a douche.
  16. And I thought I knew TSCM pretty good.
  17. hahahaha. nicely played.
  18. How did you attach said kittens to the hook/fishing line?
  19. Wow

    I'm a douche because I think animals should be treated, and when necessary, killed as humanely as possible and because I think they can be other things besides food and pests?
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    remember, you're talking to wheelman here

  21. I didn't do it as I was 3 at the time. but my grandfather put the hook through the scruff at the back of the neck.
  22. do fish like to eat kittens?

    I understand the cruel irony though
  23. if its small enough to fit in the fishes mouth they'll eat it. Pike and Muskie are known to eat pretty much anything. They also attack divers.
  24. Comparing animals to children is a douche move. Arguing for the sake of arguing.

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