This car kicks ass!

Discussion in '2001 BMW M Coupe' started by lilk108, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car is tyte, a stock m coupe could kill any of those modified civics and integs. what do you think?<!-- Signature -->
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    As i said, it kicks ass!!! The power inside this little rocket is what u would call dense. Man, right when u push in the cluch and start revvin the engine, this thing would just want to explode. The best gifts are the ones in the small boxes. But of course i am obsessed w/ Ferraris and they ain't small, but this thing is awesome. Hey all u people that haven't seen this thing actually perform, don't judge a book by its cover.

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    I think this car sucks, anyways, Koenig550, who the #$%# do you think you are, stealing and copying my name and idea you little *****???
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    hahahaha he got banned! anyways, i agree this car kicks all. i even like the looks of this thing.
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    I want one, I think it s niiiiiice looking. And it has a good power package too. <!-- Signature -->
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    I love this car it rocks and 50 50 weight is wicked to <!-- Signature -->

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