This is that famous Corvette-killing luxury sedan?

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by LiquidChild, Aug 9, 2002.

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    wow your really dumb arent you? my dad has an M5 and as we were driving up to watkins glen to go to a race, we met up with the presedent of Ferrari North America in his blue 550 Marrenello. we were cruising for about 2 hours together, and the M5 was not falling behind, and believe me the ferrari was giving it all it had. we reached about 165 MPH (speed limiter chip taken out) no kidding. so wat im saying is if a BMW can keep up with a ferrari, than there is no freakng way a camaro can keep up with the M5 even with the speed limiter. o yea and we have smoked a few vettes before to...
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    so many stupid people...

    so little time.

    as some others have said before, the vette and the M5 are not, I REPEAT, NOT in the same class.

    but assume that they do meet up in a race (which has happened god knows how many times)

    yes, a M5 and a regular corvette will be a pretty squared up race. personally, i'd put my money on the M5, it is a very solid car in every way possible. BMW's are some of the finest cars on earth. but with quality comes a price. the bill raked up from the M5 is quite more substaintial then even a Z06 vette's tab. but its also a whale of a car, that has seating for an entire family, unlike the vettes 2 passenger seating. as to handling, hands down, the M5 will definatly beat a regular C5 vette on a track. thats just a duh. as i said before, they are very fine cars, the suspensions on those cars are very well made, and the car handles just as good as any sports car without sacraficing comfort. you get what you pay for as it were. along with about the same power to weight ratio, and the ablity of the M5 to rev faster, it'd be a hands down race for the M5, lest you have an unexperianced driver in the seat. i'll admit, if i was behind the wheel of a car that big, i'd feel imtimidated to take the corners as hard as i could. just doesnt look like a car like that is made to do stuff like that.

    but of course, thats running against a C5 vette.

    a Z06 is a different story.

    with that change of badge, and the 55hp increase, i'd have to go with the vette in drag and track for the win. the cars simply going to handle the corners with almost as much or more grace as the M5, then leave it on the straight away.

    that doesnt mean that the M5 still isnt a great car. its sacraficing performance for comfort (and even then, its not really sacraficing much) the engineering in that car is out of this world, one of BMW's finest jobs to this day. but in the end, you cant expect the 2 ton bohemith to do it all. this isnt the perfect car. there are other cars out there that will beat, however sad that is to say. yes a Z06, in my opinion, is faster. but it also doesnt have all the refinement that a BMW has. but thats ok. its not ment to be a BMW. its ment to be a best-bang-for-your-buck thriller that will about smoke anything that dares to challenge it. and the BMW's are ment for pleasure and performance. not for all out, balls to the walls thrills. its all a matter of taste.

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    Nicely put. I own a 01' black on black M5 and it is totally in a different class. The car can carry all of my friends and smoke cars that challenge me left and right. Only car that I got my ass handed to me on a silver platter is a friends ACR Viper with supercharger that produces over 700 hp! :O I've driven a Z06 and I believe it will barely pull of my M5. I've done a couple of mods to my car, chip, exhaust, headers, airfilters, and my car has dynoed at over 485hp. Eventually one day I think I might get super crazy on the motor. Never done any drag racing to post 1/4 times, maybe one day. My cars motto is "Three Stripes and Ur Dead" Hence my username <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    now people were saying that the corvette and m5 were mismatched and from, different classes, how is that different with an m5 and 550? the 550 would have killed ur ass! M5 0-60 4.8, 550 0-60 4.5 not much difference but, u say u got to 165mph without hte limiter, the 550 can reach 199mph, and handling 550 would (in my opinion) take out the m5, lighter and those awesome ferrari chassis :p
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    wat is it with people saying nitrous is for pussies? especially people that like corvettes? wat made the corvette legendary? great bang-4-ur-buck isnt that the exact same principle with nitrous bang-4-ur-buck??? seriously makes no sense to me in bagging it, we all like fast cars if we didnt we wouldnt be looking at a supercars website, nitrous makes fast cars so shouldnt we all like it, lol, seriously 1/2 the guys in these forums are wackos (no disrespect to the ones that arent)
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    goddam...its not like he killed someone, stop yelling at him

    as for his post...he's simply wrong about the corvette being able to beat this on track, but at least he showed his respect this this car...

    ok i hate the corvette as much as the next guy(probably more), but this is just his opinion, he didny ask you to change yours
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    The sad thing is, is this, my WRX (JAPANESE IMPORT) can lay waste to Z06s all day long. And honestly I would rather do that in an M5, luxory sedan, than my ride any day.
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    No disrespect meant, but try and just take an M5 'out for a quick spin'. Same thing for the Vette. I've worked for car dealerships, and trust me, not even the employees can just take them around the block. Again, no disrespect, just bringing something up.
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    HEY PEEOPLE LISTEN....Why in the hell are people comparing an M5 against ANY chevrolet manufactured car?! There not in the same category and there built for totally different purposes! The same things been said with M5's, E 55's and all the rest of the higher end saloons but if you want to go into it (even though theres no point)well...

    I dont know much about a corvettes (or SS camaro's) technical specs BUT i can talk about the M5 (and E55 as this has also been compared in different forums) The corvette and comaro are built for speed and agility, whereas the main aims of the M5 and E55 are for higher end power than thier normal counterparts, carry a family plus luggage, all the luxury and the rest.

    I know there must be some M5s and E55s that will peee all over some chevys and the same for chevys peein on them. But M5 has got surprising stick-to-the-road-cornering @ speed values (same with the E55) that not many other saloons offer. My dad has smoked 2 ferrari's, one 360 spider and one 360 modena with his E55 on normal roads so im talking from experiance.

    As for weight, when your talking about an M5, you should also know that you will have no sliding when cornering what so ever same with the AMG. There is no point comparng these cars (i just did it to set some points out). Im not knocking Chevys, there awesome machines especially any lingenfelter models and the sledgehammer. Also @ one point, chevrolet had the most powerful V8 engine in a production car.

    Oh yeah, sorry guys for the essay, but couldnt be helped.

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