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  1. A few weeks ago, a senior MB engineer in Stuttgart decided he had to go to the Tuners Show in Essen. So he picks up the new SL and takes it home. Next morning, bright and early, round to his friendly Porsche dealer and swaps it for a Porsche Turbo. Off he goes to Essen and has a great time, but that is another story. On his return home he drives round to return the Turbo and pick up the SL. As he drives home he looks at the speedo and sees that his Porsche friend has only done 120 kilometers in the car. Immediately, he feels guilty considering how
    many kms he did in the Turbo. Suddenly, he burst out laughing and explained he understood
    why the Porsche guys had hardly driven the car - "What a piece of s**t this car is!"

    The moral of this tale is that comparisons between cars based on theoretical performance,
    specification sheets or the writings of incompetent journalists are completely pointless and misleading.

    PS in this case s**t was used in an engineering, qualitative sense and should not have
    been censored!
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