this Vs Mclaren F1,,,washout.

Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by 180SXTC, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. not likely a wasout at all, pretty close actually if this car does have a quater mile time of 10sec then hell awsome, but the fact still remains this car may i repaet may be better than the Mclaren F1 but hey they are both awesome cars that have had a HUGE amount of hours put in to making them, the precision that these things are made at it staggering and workmanship, can't complain, at all.
    but there will allways be a better car and on the facts that i have at hand this car seems to be better, but better in what way?
    safety,ride stability,braking,acceleration,topspeed,aerodynamics, etc.
    so i mean what can i say they both bloody rock>>>
    what do u guys think about this?
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  2. Re: this Vs Mclaren F1,,,washout.

    this car looks elagant...very!<!-- Signature -->

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