This vs S2000

Discussion in '1966 Shelby Cobra 427 ‘Super Snake’' started by Spyder757, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. there fans for the intercooler if im correct. altho Carol should have put someosrt of gril in front of them, can you imagin what would happen if a rock came flying in there at highway speeds?

    i think they look sweet btw0
  2. In a crash, the S2000.
  3. In a crash, the S2000.
  4. S2000 all the way!
  5. And the cobru dosnt have VTac!
  6. the wall*
  7. This car has 800 hp, but do 0 to 60 mph on slowly 4,5 seconds.!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. S2000 Bi Mi3lz gAiz, nUffInk cn bEet dA hOndAz!!#
  9. S2000 Bi Mi3lz gAiz, nUffInk cn bEet dA hOndAz!!#
  10. stupid comparison youre a moran
  11. Now that's a good comparison! Let's talk about this vs. the Weineck instead of making jokes about the S2000, eh. I'll start. I'll take the Weineck because it's modern, faster, and you don't have to worry about scratching the paint because it's not an original masterpiece that costs $5 million!
  12. I'm almost 100% sure some of the stats are wrong on this car. A lot of is is identical to the stock Cobra. But to answer the question, S2000 'cause it comes in black.
  13. Funniest post yet. I'll take this over a Honda S40, but not a Ferrari F2000.

    300 hp Veyron>1001 hp mustang GT

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