this vs the enzo

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by Cipher, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. who would u think would win between the two my bets on the enzo
  2. I would like to say the Enzo, but the numbers leaan towards the Orca.
  3. my bets on the enzo too cauz i dont know bout this one but the ferraris always remain on the top spot
  4. I totaly prefer the Enzo
  5. I'd say the Enzo. The Enzo has proven what it can do, all of this about the Orca is speculation and estimates. As far as I'm concerned, unless a car is tested, it shouldn't make performance claims, because we can all remeber what happened to the Bugatti Veyron, the so called Mclaren killer. It failed to live up in actual testing.
  6. I dont know for sure yet.. haven't heard anything about The Orca, but the stats says Orca is faster.. i still believe Enzo is faster because it has proven it can do 355 km/h :).
    Where's the Orca haven't proved anything that i know.

    // Meister
  7. 2.9 is a very optimistic 0-100 like to see it prove that on track infront of an enzo.
  8. Everyone is always trying to compare cars to the Enzo would you people please stop comparing everything to the god dam enzo~!
  9. OK, this vs Koenigsegg CCR aka "The Enzo slayer".
  10. This car in theory could beat the Enzo, but I doubt it would ever hit the streets. The car is butt ugly and has a curb weight of under 2000lbs which would make it more cramped than a miata.
  11. Seriously? Enzo, all the way...
    but if they actually stuck a more serious engine in the back of this car...say maybe a Chevrolet Ls1, Ls6, etc...performance numbers would go up and costs would go down.
  12. Well Orca its a little bit ugly but has grate performance.Enzo is beutyful car and of course its a Ferrari
  13. I don't really know which one would win, but I would rather have the Enzo or the CCR than this.
  14. 0-60 not 0-100...
  15. dont forget weight would sky-rocket u dutch bag
  16. I think The Orca is a lot better then the Enzo. Its 0 - 60 is 2.9 seconds where as the Enzo is 3.4 seconds. Also the top speed on the Orca is what.. 224mph and the Enzo is 217.7 mph... Thats only my opinion though. I just base my facts on stats. haha! yeah the orca is butt ugly. And stop with the Enzo. Freaking totally overrated. Its not that amazing. Go MCLAREN!!
  17. haha "dutch bag".If you're gonna insult someone, at least spell the insult right
  18. First things fisrt Ass-#$%#

    0-100 and 0-60 are the same damn thing. There are people here who are from Europe or Canada who use KPH not MPH. 100KPH is the same as 60MPH.


    The LS1 and LS6 engines are actually lighter than the engine in this car. Audi doesnt make a V-8 that weighs less than the LS1 or LS6. So if anything the car would be lighter, not heavier.

    Maybe you should actually learn something about cars before you come to this site and post you stupid ass bull $hit..
  19. yes maybe but that has nothing to do with this thread
  20. Hmmmz..does the LS engine in the Corvette C5R who lost to the Astons this year due to a crash out have over 650hp? Sure it's race tuned, but I'm sure this engine is too. It's naturally aspirated...and well should be of proven reliability because they run those @ LeMans too.

    The Chevy LS small-block is iconic in small V8 powerplant generating huge HP and huge torque.

    Funny thing is I just realized, some of the blockiest cars are actually very very aerodynamic.
  21. This car would smoke the enzo at a track or dragstrip, but it will never enter series production. It is butt ugly, too cramped, and has 9 gears. 9 f^*#in' gears! By the way, the enzo is even more ugly than this. What happened to the classic Ferraris? This is what a Ferrari is supposed to look like:
  22. This has a better power to weight ratio than the enzo.
  23. This thing is quicker.
  24. This could beat an Enzo.
  25. Haha I can't believe the Enzo is everyone's performance benchmark!!! What happened to the McLaren F1?! The Enzo's looks are "questionable" (personally I don't like it but that's just me), It's performance is impressive but not record-setting, it's price is ridiculous, and it's exclusivity is no longer unmatched in the automotive world (in fact it never was). I love Ferrari, but just because the Enzo was named after the greatest car-maker of all time doesn't make it a good car.

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