Too bad

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang Fastback Concept' started by caddybadboy, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. It's too bad they took a perfectly good fastback off the market and put that modernized electronically controlled crap in it. What I wouldn't do to rescue that poor Stang...
  2. i hate computers on an engine. I could take apart an old car an put it back together in about 4 days, and it would run just as good. But in a comp car, it would never start again. All the wires would break. Even if they didn't, ild never figure out which goes where.
  3. four days? Are u talkin abour the engine?
    I rebuilt my fuel injected 3.8 in two days.
    theres nothing wrong with FI. YOu get more power and fuel economy. the new parts these days don't even need many computer mods.
  4. Now that's what you call real american muscle ain't nothing like a good old fastback any thing that resembles eleanor deservers to be put on the market even if it cost a lot of green
  5. That's what you call a cool fastback to bad I don't own one

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