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  1. this cars top speed is 225mph, not 185mph as posted.
    sorry for any inconveniences. if you have any other
    cars with wrong stats please contact me.<!-- Signature -->
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    you are stupid and wrong. this car will not go 225 mph without serious modifications.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sachpoeittime</i>
    <b>this cars top speed is 225mph, not 185mph as posted.
    sorry for any inconveniences. if you have any other
    cars with wrong stats please contact me.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Put down the hookah. This is not the race car which goes 225. This is a SLIGHTLY modified road version and is BARELY faster than the stock viper.<!-- Signature -->
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    i dont know who to believe. all i know is that in test drive 5, its top speed is 225 and it totally kicks everythings least when i'm driving it, that is.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yea, in a Video game fast and furious boy. In Gran Turismo the Viper GTS will do like 220 mph, don't go by that shit man
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    i only wish that this could go 225 without mods...
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    How about you stop smoking what ever it is that you are smoking and look at the car. The limited edition GTS-R did not come painted like the Oreca race car. This is the race car that won Lehmans. And it will not do 225, ah and slightly modified RIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTT.
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    Actually it could hit 225 mph. So you are stupid.
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    I hope everyone is listening to this guy...

    Look at the picture!
    This car is the Viper Team Oreca GTS-R. The track it is racing on is La Sarthe (Where they hold the 24 Hours race). This is the Turn 6&7 complex they put in to reduce speeds through the back-straight. It's an important track - they don't open it to just anyone. Also, you should note a GT car and an LMP car are racing in the background.

    Also, the paint job was mentioned. This was a team Oreca exclusive paint job. No other race car had it. You should also look at the word 'Chrysler' on the windshield, which tells us this is a European-built kit-car. Also note the French flag on the door panel - Team Oreca is based in France.

    Go to if you have any doubts (hope you can read French, because half of it is in French)

    Get it now? Or do you need me to spew-forth more details?
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    I cant believe that some one looked at the picture and thought that this was the street GTSR. Somepeople impress me with their lack of brain power. They are not viper fans so they do not know any thing about vipers. They most likely saw the viper GTSR in a mag and know see it hear. They say well thats BS that car only hit 185MPH, but what they didnt know that the street gtsR was made as a real GTSR replica. They gave it a little more power so that it wouldnt just be a looks package. However this viper is the real thing and from what i hear it actually had 750HP. So it most likely did 225 at le mans why not since the 650HP corvette does about that much. It is much lighter then the street viper with much more power then the street version. It also has better aerodynamics then the street viper. It also was the car to beat for the C5R corvette's.
  11. 225 mph ? Really?

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