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  1. how big are the blemishes? thats quite easy to fix.
  2. im glad i know to look for a timing chain change in the booklet too along with regular oil changes
  3. I'm sure you could find the recommended services for that car somewhere online. if they've been done they should be in the book.
  4. the front bumper cracked away from one of it's connection points the first week i got it after i hit a cat, it's really minor though
    there's a smallish dent in one of the rear 3/4 panels
    the paint on the mirrors has gone red-car-bad because i didn't wax it for a while
    there's a bit of a scratch by the gas tank where my bike fell on it when i was backing out of the garage
    7.5k + what those would cost to fix would probably align it with the other ones at around the same mileage, but sometimes a quick painless sale is worth a bit of cash
  5. my grandfather had a 400SEL like that

    everything in that car was enormous

    and yeah, the windows
  6. damn you christofurr. you looking at this car has rekindled my wanting to buy a mid/late 90s SL.
  7. Post pix of double glazed windows
  8. Just don't run from the paparazzi in it.
  9. lol this is another reason why i want it

    just drove it and literally everything still works in it except for the drivers side window clunking repeatedly when you put it all the way up until you let go of the button. no biggie
    kinda slow but it still gets up for motorway merging ok
  10. how many motorways does your quaint land have
  11. i think 7 in the whole country maybe
    i kind of want to buy it and road trip to auckland
    but that either requires selling my car privately first or accepting a :\ price for trade
    kinda wanted more than $1k in the hand for the change though
  12. just found out it was actually owned by a limo company not a dude who did weddings on the side
    positive news
    also found out the name of the place that serviced it so ill have to give them a call
    now to find a merc tech who can look over it
  13. my parents had an S500 W140 when I was a kid, Favourite car ever. I was convinced those windows were bullet-proof. Then a rear power/heated seats broke, I was sad. Then brakes started to randomly lock sometimes and we nearly died a bunch of times, mum was sad. Then engine started to steam all the time after stepfather was 'tested' if it could do 250 or not. Beautiful car though, and it has suede on the ceiling, which is definitely the best part.
  14. my friends fam got two w140 and interior on those things is amazin
  15. My friend's dad had one of these. Don't know what engine, but it was pretty quick. Comfortable too. I went to Sweden with them a couple of times. Once he asked me "what's the fastest you've ever been in a car?" then trounced my "160kmh" by taking it to an easy 190.
  16. whoa 190 thats almost fast
  17. tscm question: how hard/expensive part-wise is a head gasket change on a w124 e320?
  18. if you pay attention/make notes/take pictures (if its your first time doing it). its not that bad.IIRC its a SOHC so basically mark all your gears before you take the chain off and you should be good to go. I have no idea what the parts cost but I would assume under $200 (while you're there take a look at the waterpump, timing chain, tentioners, belts etc...).
  19. what are the typical gasket weak spots? heres what worries me

    " #1 cylinder 70PSI #3 cylinder no pressure"

    normally cylinders go out next to each other in head gasket failure
  20. where does the air come out on cylinder 3?
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    ask if you can do a pressure test on it. I wouldn't be surprised if the piston rings were gone.
  23. didnt even cross my mind, #$%# it *ejects*
  24. who knows it may be good.

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