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  1. Dont you guys think that they should still be makin' 323s in turbo road version. (Or Proteges...whatever)...Those cars are sick for a 1.6L in mid 80's. Any thoughts?
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    Isn't this car the Mazda Protege MP3?

    if it is, then it is in need of more hp, cuz 140hp is not enuff. if they can manage to get a turbo of some sort in it and get the hp up to around 200hp, then they got a definite winner here. The handling is sweet too.
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    this car looks so good, but doesn't pack enough power. still another mazda victory in my book though.<!-- Signature -->
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    this car looks nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    i agree i think that they need some sort of power increase in this car so that it can be a competitor rather than just a good looking car.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from imprezawrx14</i>
    <b>this car looks nice.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    i agree it looks very good<!-- Signature -->
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    The Protege5 goes 0-60 in 10.4 seconds,
    it has 140hp. An increase to 150hp, i'm shaking in my little boots. The new Civic R has 200hp. Now THAT's a pocket rocket!

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    Where do they intend to sell this anyways?
    and to whom?

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    what kind of damn supercar has 150 bhp!?!?!?
    its a REGULAR car
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    The MP3 is a coupe, this is a sedan, but the same idea. The MP3 definately needs more power, it is a very, very nice handinling car and great looking too.
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    The emphasis is placed on handling with this model. The power is adequate but won't win you many stop light drag races. I've heard rumours of a turbo or supercharer being offered for the 2003 model. Anyways, you guys should check out my post under the Seat Arosa Racer forum. You may learn something. Check it out.

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    yeah get a turbo and 4wd drive on the #$%#er, turn it into an evo beater at the lights.<!-- Signature -->
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    it's a good-looking car, but i'd rather have an MG ZS180.<!-- Signature -->
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    are any of you even old enough to drive?
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    Dont ask dumb questions... Old man
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    mp3 kicks my ass, it outhandles the Z06 and 360 modena.
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    oh yah those are liek those really ugly half rusted cars u always see with nasty little exhaust pipes with uncontrolled emmsions yuck
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    Mazda has come a long way with this car, It has a very intimidating look to it, a little more horsepower could do it alot of good though, other than that it is a great looking car<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mico</i>
    <b>Where do they intend to sell this anyways?
    and to whom?

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    the US -version is called Protege Mp3 ...
    rather than a High performance car this one is intended to be the ultimate ... stereo on wheels...

    its got mp3 players, lots of speakers, and updated looks over the regular protege,

    its more like an aftermaket-from the factory (guaranteed) car <!-- Signature -->
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    This is great for those wishing to just cruise downtown and blast their stereo's. It needs more power to catch my interest. I would rather buy a car that has more power, and then add a better stereo system. I have no interest in gutless wonders<!-- Signature -->
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    uhhm yeah but then the MP3 is not about power but after-market equipment backed up by the factory...

    and yeah the stereo is a real killer, but the buttons are a bit confusing.<!-- Signature -->
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    I say stuff this car, the MX5 SP (MX5 turbo) when it comes out is gonna be ballistic!! 160Kw/215hp and less weight than the WRX!! Ultimate dorifto car!! ;) The prototype was raced in Targa Tasmania 2001 and is the brainchild of Allan Horsley who is a long time collaborator of Mazda's (created the RX7 SP [an Australian only model, quicker than standard RX7s]) and has been working on this secretly with Mazda for the past 2-3yrs. C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    well....yah...they should put Turbo in it....
    I always felt the 323 was Mazda's answer in WRCs...
    they should do pretty well had they spent effort in developing the 323 into a WRC-car like the Evo and Impreza
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    Its not just a stereo on wheels, it is a stereo on wheels that handles better than many so called, performance cars. Now i can see the lack of power, but since that is the only problem, either Mazda or the aftermarket will solve that. Then suddenly we will have a great little car.
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    they did put a turbo on it with the new Mazdaspeed Protege it now makes 170 bhp with the same great looks and styling

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