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  1. Ugly!!!!!
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    were ya looking in a mirror when you typed that post up, nicecar?<!-- Signature -->
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    No shit, it's from the 60's. Most all old imports looked ugly. Look at an old Civic or Prelude, there ugly. What do you think of the Skyline now a days?
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    i agree with importguy of course its going to be ugly how many cars do you know were works of art back then some granted were good looking cars but traditionally they weren't beautiful cars think before you reply nicecar
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    for 69' this is pretty poor.<!-- Signature -->
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    back then they didn't need to make anything beautiful. It just had reasonable HP, so that's that.

    anyways, the current skyline is drow-dropping material... dontcha think?
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    That thing is awsome, I wish I had one.<!-- Signature -->
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    itŽs a typical japanese design from that era
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    this car is from 1969 and you say it's ugly??????? take a look at those nasty american cars from 1969<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is beautiful and its a #$%#ing classic. you can't #$%# with that S20, at that time 7000 rpm was pretty damn high and that was a good individual serving of power out of that engine

    looks just as nice as a '69 mustang fastback to me
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    you're A FAG show some respect
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    Did you get your screen name from Importguy
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    your a stupid idiot its ppl like you who ruin this site IF you had any appreciation for beautiful cars you would know this one is truly beautiful..its the begining of a legend you truly are ignorant I pity you
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    he dose'nt know shit about respect, anyways what's up with the mirrors at the roof? lol i know it's a japaniese desgin but come on!
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    Cool Avatar!
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    are u dumb or an idiot or drunk? AMerican Cars were SOOOOooo Beautiful in the late 60s The best looking cars of all!!
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    man how many quotes!! also one of the other users krs one has 5 digits quotes as well and it says zombies walk the earth!

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