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  1. Yes. I am saying it will be longer an more involved the Venezuela, and that Russia will not be the factor that you think it is. I also would not rule out the chance of the outcome being different. Given the fact that my first serious post stated all this I wonder why you are arguing at all, other than to provied us with crap theoris of how things will go down.
  2. And Russia has all kinds of pretext to intervene militarily. The large ethnic Russia population. Russian bases in Ukraine (I assume there are still some). The CIS constitution probably gives them an in as well. I don't think they're afraid to put boots on the ground, although they'll definately keep it well short of an invasion: just enough to stiffen the backbone of the pro-Russian Ukrainians.
  3. To argue for arguments sake? And yeah I'm being a bit hyperbolic but it's fun <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> - I wouldn't exactly put those theories in front of a prof' or on paper, but I still think they're likely...

    Edit -- Anyone who comes to to make cool and rational arguments is a waste of space. It's the spice that keeps me coming back here...
  4. The opposition is arranging general strike that would shut down all factories, school and traffic. Also the protesting is still going on and the security force's leaders have said that they will not use violence.
    Maybe the police, army and security forces join the protestors and there will a bloodless uprising.

  5. Ukrane is game to you????

    (smashes the risk board, Kramer and Newman are disappointed)
  6. I forsee a peaceful outcome. Things have been calming down, and Putin and the EU just agreed that Ukraine should settle this on its own, by constitutional law. The amount of protestors/demonstrators has dropped from up to 200,000 in Kiev down to under 10% of that. Touchy situation, to be sure, but the Ukrainian security forces have showed restraint so far, and I hope both the security forces and the crowd continue to stay as amicable as they are now.
  7. USA can't comment on other countrie's voting system/elections.

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