Uncoved 2006 Saturn Sky pictures

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SmilinGoat, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. this will be the saturn sky, its in opel trim in this photo but compare to the saturn brochour (just reformated my hardrive so i dont have it off hand) and the saturn sketch and youll see that it is in fact the exact same car with different badges, even the interior is the same.

    this is good news, the opel speedster has a good name for a reason, they wont just replace it with any old car. and now we finally get it... as a saturn.
  2. New Speedster?
  3. Looks pretty sweet to me, hopefully it won't be GM'ed and make the interior look like shit.
  4. Hey, Buick has some pretty nice interiors.
  5. like draper said, is this the new Speedster/VX220?
  6. not the speedster

    if you look at january 2005 edition of (C&D? or R&T? can't remember) SKY photos are shown there too.

    it actually looks worse than the drawing released last month, which i actually liked.

  7. yes
  8. the renderings in C&D and R&T are not officail pictures, this is actually officail pictures, which were supossed to be used for advertising in germany.

    so yes, this is the new speedster.
  9. ok, i liked the old back end better. The front is so so.
  10. That looks freaking awesome.
  11. As much as I don't like Saturn, that car is pretty awesome looking!
  12. As long as the Saturn looks more aggressive I'm all for it!
  13. Im assuming it will basically be a rebodied Solstice. My GF's parents are getting a solstice btw.
  14. awesome
    how much is it gonnabe?
  15. I hope they make this one lighter than the pontiac. How can pontiac make a 2 seater RWD car that weighs 3000 pounds?
  16. I like the shiny black console a la the Rx-8.

    However I'm pretty sure this is just a concept. E.g. that tailpipe doesn't look very production ready...
  17. they cant, thats why its being imported/exported from Europe....
  18. looks puurdy but that picture of it in that poster with the chick made it look better. I wish it had dual exhaust too.
  19. Terrible, I liked it the was it was a lot better w all the sharper edges.
  20. hopefully they will be able to keep the girl car connentation away from this.
  21. looks like a smaller C6
  22. Are you sure about that?? This car is front engined is it not?? and the Speedster is mid engined. I heard this is the re-birth of the old Opel GT as a front engined sports car, and the new Speedster is still going to be mid-engined.
  23. i was told the speedster was going out of production, althoug this and the speedster could be sold at the same time, eventually this will be the replacement. like the new malibu and the malibu classic...
  24. This isn't the new Speedster. This will be/is WAY cheaper and WAY less radical than it...

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