Ushers wife died

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  1. because of a boob job in brazil. didn't know musicstars were this poor to go to brazil for a boobjob lol
  2. ew, boobjobs
  4. u sirius? Sux, but glad he's back on the market. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  5. I heard that Usher dropped out of the Grammy's because of an illness in the family, at which point rumors surfaced about his wife dying in Brazil from complications due to plastic surgery. This forced his publicist to announce that his wife was in stable condition from those rumored complications. If she actually is dead, then someone's getting/giving some bad info.
  6. Thank you there, E! Entertainment
  7. LOL haha
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  9. effyou, It's the shit that puts me to sleep. I can't actually watch something interesting or I'll never turn away and doze off.
  10. PBS is where it's at man. That channel is like a bottle packed full of valiums.
  11. Sometimes. If Nova is on, I can't resist.

    Once I went to bed while some informercial stuff was playing, and when they went to commercial break, Billy Mays ripped my straight out of my slumber with his yelling.
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  13. How about reading a book in bed?
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  15. Reading a book? this is America buddy.
  16. That's never really worked for me. While I don't generally enjoy reading books to begin with, the don't put me to sleep. I'll eventually get fidgety or bored and put it down (to the point where it can take me a couple months to read an average length paperback).
  18. usher 2009 remix - i need a girl
  19. lol
  20. Brazil for a boobjob probably not because it's cheaper, prolly cause it would be more discrete.
  21. haha, she looks like Usher but with long hair.
  23. yea wtf

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