very unique F355 with Testarossa V12 engine!

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    very unique F355 with Testarossa engine!

    year: 1997
    mileage: 60.000 km
    achivement: 420 PS

    Testarossa V12 engine (420 PS)
    Testarossa transmisison
    Testarossa electrics
    Porsche GT3 seats


    asking price: 66,500 EUR
    Price wgen new: 700,000 DM (~350,000 EUR)
  2. very unique F355 with Testarossa engine!


    I need that car
  3. very unique F355 with Testarossa engine!

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  4. like how they made the engine fitting in there:
  5. stylingwise it comes next to the F348 Enzo test mule
  6. just because of that boot?...
  7. i would change the wheels though.
  8. Nothing wrong with those wheels. What would you change them to?
  9. ???
  10. what about some changes to the rear like these diffussors?
  11. How many of these 355's have been fitted with the TR V12 by this company?
  12. that is HOT. i absolutely love the flared rear... it looks amazing
  13. doesn't do it for me
  14. none of these two, the 1st car is the one and only one!
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    test run, awesome sound!

  16. I like it.
  17. GT3 seats is kinda lame to me though. Put some nice, non-porsche ones in it.
  18. needs 512TR rims.
  19. why not Enzo/FXX style?
  20. I´d have replaced them rather with these:
  21. what about the price?
    do you think its OK?

    a stock F355 also costs between 53 and 77k accoording to the database

  22. bbs
  23. whta about some additional Koenig tuining to that engine?

    KOENIG Twin-Turbo 514 kW / 700 HP /690 NM
    complete engine conversion with 2 turbo-chargers (KKK), turbo-manifolds reduced compression (changed pistons), additional oil- and gearbox-cooling, special head gaskets, 2 intercoolers, changed exhaust-system, modified motronic, special air flow-meters, including dissassembling and assembling of the engine.
    € 47.000,–

    KOENIG twin-turbo EVOLUTION up to 735KW / 1000 PS /940 NM
    high-end version of the normal twin-turbo with a complete new motronic, new turbo chargers, bigger coolers and many more modifications. Reinforced gear wheels, clutch shaft, all gear shafts, modified oil-pump, bigger oil cooler
    € 68.000,–

  24. OK

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