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    Voting for the first photoshop contest in a long time <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Your vote should be based on originality, quality and overall look of the chops.

    Cast your votes please.

    note: participants shouldn't vote for their own creation.

    also: If you've got some suggestions for future contests, please do tell me.

    The original can be found over here:
  2. Voted 3. Pretty awesome haha
  3. Voted 1, I like the idea
  4. Was doubting between 1 and 3, but I think 3's done better. Mine was still in progress, but it's good to see now I wouldn't have stood a chance.

  5. not bad actually
  6. Would have voted for that one tbh. But out of the options, I'm going with 3. 1 looks awkward IMO
  7. all nice, but 3 is awesome want to know who made it
  8. ok we can safely say 3 won.

    who made it?
  9. Me

    EDIT: I did clean up the stairs to the right of picture, I forgot to finish them off properly.
    Roof are from a Mini Cooper Cabrio
    Seats are from a BMW M3 Cabrio.
    Everything else was from source.
  10. how did you the seats between the windscreen? did you make a mask or something?

    mine was 4 btw.
  11. A lot of time was spent finding a suitable donor picture where one of the seats was not obscured by the windscreen of the car. I also wanted cream leather, because it is more effeminate, which is what I was trying to achieve with the car, because I didn't want to rice it up, or add tonnes of donor parts.

    All the glass on the original vehicle was taken out, along with the pillars for the doors. The seats were just added in a layer underneath the body/windscreen, and a few adjustment layers with masks were added to change the colour. Render - Clouds were added to give it some texture, which wasn't entirely successful.
  12. so when's the next contest?
  13. Bored lol? Maybe we can have one during the Christmas holidays, everyone should have more time then? I'll think of something.
  14. nah not bored. it's just pretty fun imo.
  15. the voting is not over yet, right? mine is getting there. slowly

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