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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. in the picture of the day, what is that in the seats, cock massager?
  2. seat adjuster
  3. same as the Zonda, infact
  4. S2000 or NSX?
  5. that seems like a really awkward spot
  6. Maybe if you're like 400lbs. Seems like it would be a pretty convenient spot for any normal person.
  7. yeah, unless you drive your hypercar perched on the edge of your seat like an old lady, peering over the steering wheel
  8. Honestly though, I really dislike carbon fibre trim.
  9. think it looks great, but not everywhere

    like brushed aluminum

  10. 'do i need to tell you what the **** you can do with an aluminum tube?'

    'doesnt scare you... fine... i didnt want to say this, but.... the motherfUcker bought yellow cake, ok?'
  11. got it in my super secret cia napkin
  12. the reason i say its awkward is because it doesn't seem flush with the rest of the seat. i dunno, it would grind my mrgh gears pretty bad feeling the seat below me all smooth except for one groove. but i guess its between your legs so it doesn't really bother
  13. id probably reach down and play with it all the time while i was driving
    might need to adjust the seat sometimes too
  14. You probably wouldnt like the Ford GT seats then.

    NO PIX

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