waths with the spoiler?!?

Discussion in '1999 HSV Maloo' started by ferrari F40 GTE, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. loos the spoiler its just deadweight and has no efeckt at all
  2. Re: waths with the spoiler?!?

    the spoiler is to keep the back end down because it is light as shit and would slide on every corner.
    there is no use haven power if ya cant cotrol itbecause the back cant grip
  3. Re: waths with the spoiler?!?

    well i live on OZ and see many a Maloo, and i have never seen one like this with that damn spoiler. odviously no one was stupid enough to tick that box. it also make it hard to use the tray [after all it is a ute].<!-- Signature -->

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