What a beast!

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by AMG CLK55, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Yet another fine example of rotary power, it really shocked me to find a new update as soon as i hacked out on the Bugatti Torpedo....heheheh....What do you guys think about RX-7s?<!-- Signature -->
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    I love the car in stock form but this.....This is bad. RX-7s are among the best of the high class Japanese Imports. Notice how people always class the Skyline, Supra and RX-7 together. They started out that way and they will obviously end that way. It is another death of a legend. All that remains of the turbocharged beasts from Japan now is the Lancer Evo.
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    there arent that many great examples of rotary power, infact there are very few. But this is one of them. This is on e of the VERY few cars from Japan that i actually enjoy and respect. It is one of the few cars that actually have a performance image that it can live up to, and i do believe that it is the only Jap car that i have never seen riced out with out performance to back it up, not saying that it doesnt happen just that i havent seen it.
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    I got a video of a Japanese contest : Lancer Evo V RS , Lancer Evo V GSR , R33 GTR , R34 GTR , NSX Type S , NSX S-Zero and a RX7 RS.

    The RX7 has won overall , just in front of the R34 GTR.

    What else to say ?
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    im not surprised that the RX7 won.

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