What are you listening to?

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  1. ugh gay people and pop divas
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  3. This is the only Beyonce song on my Google Play music playlist
  4. how many janet songs
  5. Actually none, but on my PC i think I have an mp3 of Together Again
  6. Plenty of Janet on my 'Booty Thang' sex playlist

    EDIT: Okay I checked and it's actually just one song lol. But I've masturbated to nearly every one of her videos in the 90's.
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  7. This video includes another hottie at the begining of her career, J.Lo.

  8. Not going to lie, I've always liked this song:
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  9. Canadian bluegrass band sets its video in urban Toronto. God, this country is so fucking indie.
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  10. Not a Cardi B fan really at all, but holy shit I couldn't stop smiling while listening and watching this video. Bruno Mars is just awesome. It's like if Bell-Biv-Devoe hopped in a DeLorean and skrrrrrrrrt'd to 2018.

  11. These guys are great.
  12. Fucking classic.
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  13. Getting my hardcore doot doot on



  14. Whoa! Unintended coincidence. Apparently raver gif 1 is from a Van Buuren music video, but not the Van Buuren song I posted.
  15. Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls

    Love listening to this at night in a dark room. Makes my hair stand up sometimes when I pay attention to the lyrics
  16. Osha from GoT :

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