What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. Holy [email protected]*(%&@*. This thread creation of mine has turned into a 5 part endless pages of win! We shall continue the trend as the last thread is growing still!

    Of course I always start this thread with something so this was the sight today as the first Ferrari chat cruise happened. I will have more pics soon.

  2. nice turnup!

    and stickied
  3. More pics to come later as I only stayed for a bit. Man if rep was still around I would be running shit with these threads.
  4. this morning
  5. Bentley Continental GT, Porsche 996 Carrera 4, Lambo Gallardo, modded '70 Malibu and a silver on black Dodge Challenger.
  6. Saw some oddities today. A red Lotus Elan (the more modern one) and a '40s MG. Maybe a TC Midget? I really don't know MGs. Also saw a nice dark metallic blue Vantage.
  7. 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda with the 440-6 in plum crazy. It was perfect!
  8. ...don't know, what it is...
  9. Just a V8 Vnatage. No pics cause it was after hockey
  10. Nice!
  11. 2 Carrera GT's, 1 GT3 RS and a 355 Spider today at work.
  12. R33 GT-R. Tried to get a pic but some #%[email protected] in an Escape was in my way.
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    I saw this car with my brother earlier today, and we couldn't tell what it was. First we thought it was either a Countach or a Jalpa, but it's neither of them, unless it actually is a modified Jalpa, which it looks like a bit, but I doubt it. Can anyone tell what car this is?
    The second image doesn't show much, but at least you can see the form of the front end.

    Edit: For some reason my pics don't show up, so here are links to them:


  14. Wheels are Carrera, why would someone downgrade. I call fake on that one!
  15. Forgot to mention of course...The shop at work consisted of a slantnose next to a Carrera GT with an Audi R8 parked infront of the two. What a nice sight. The GT3 RS was in the lot outside!
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    De Tomaso Pantera
  17. are you allowed to take pics?
  18. Thanks.
    So it's a Pantera, odd that I couldn't tell.
  19. A Ferrari Testarossa, and a MKII Lotus Elan. Pics to follow tomorrow.
  20. Don't think they want me taking pics inside the shop/basement/warehouse but the parking lot is fine. Today we still have the Carrera GT and Slantnose in the shop. 2 GT3 RS's showed up. One in green the other orange with full cage and stuff, pretty modded. It looked kickass.

    360 modena driving by, 2 Bentleys and thats about it for today.
  21. ironic as hell in saudi arabia
  22. Comin' back from Vermont yesterday, we came across a sweet, mystichrome orange Pro Touring '69 GTO Judge convertible. Over the weekend we spied a couple Ducatis, a Trumph cruiser and a red on white '57 Corvette convertible.

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