What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. I probably average a Ferrari every other day. Any ways yesterday on the way home I saw a blue Shelby Cobra that had crashed on the freeway. I seriously contemplated on stopping for a few cell phone pics but was going to fast by the time I saw it.
  2. it was trying to keep up with a tuned bmw e60 m5 lol

    yeah theyre pretty shit, but they have something that i like.
  3. Another 2 Ferraris seen on my way from Hilversum to Leusden (20 km?); light blue 360 Modena and a black 599.
  4. Saw my first Rapide, my god it embarrasses the Panamera. The Aston 4 door is defiantly the better looking car.

    Also saw:
    Flying Spur
  5. seriously? where the hell do you live?

    I saw a lot of neat stuff today, DB9 volante, GTR3 RS, no ferraris though.

    I saw something that I dont know off the top of my head... Ive seen pictures of it before... looked like the front end had almost horns on either corner, and then had a flat front with two circular headlights.
    2 doors... kinda angular design.
    anyone have an idea of what it was?
  6. an Avanti?
  7. i saw some 70's/80's car yesterday. kinda looked like a marcos, but it wasn't.
  8. YES! a new one. what the hell is it?
  9. its a Studebaker. it was the last car they ever designed in 1961 (IIRC). Studebaker died but the Avanti is still made to this day.
  10. apparently the guy behind the modern one was arrested by the FBI for a Ponzi Scheme.
    Any idea how many of the modern ones were made?

    Oh I saw a Ferrari 16m today driven by an asian woman. #$%#ing weird
    and an R8 v10
    F430 spider
    Rolls Royce drophead coupe

    good night for spotting I guess.
  11. no clue. all I remember is that they were making them from 61 til at least 04.
  12. i saw an avanti on a carshow last year. it was so goddamn ugly lol.
  13. Today :

    - Maserati Grancabrio grey
    - Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider grey
    - Ferrari 360 Modena rosso corso
    - Ferrari California, Fiorano F430 et 355 red
    - Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertible
    - Roush GT 600 RE grey with white strip
    - Lambo Muricélago LP670 pink matte
    - Bugatti Veyron blue and grey
    - Porsche 997 GT3 RS green
    - Porsche 968 CS white
    - Plymouth Prowler black
    - old Ford Mustang GT red with white strip

    a very nice sunny day !
  14. Had one of my favorite spots on Sunday night after the fireworks. Driving around, we came to a house on a culdesac with a CONVERTIBLE TESTAROSSA. I was exited as shit, I had never seen one before. Pic is beyond shit =[
  15. Nice find ! Very rare in Spider.

    Today :

    - Aston Martin DBS grey
    - Ferrari 458 italia red
    - Lambo Murciélago LP6400 white
    - Ferrari 599 Fiorano in blue like a topaze
    - Koenigsegg CCX-R in same colour than the Fiorano
  16. Saw an unreleased car being hot weather tested. Can't remember what it is, but I'm pretty sure I've seen photos of it. Has a c-pillar like this. New tC?
  17. renault megane 225 f1
    dodge charger with dukes of hazzard paintjob
    2010 ford mustang(hot!)
    bentley flying spur
  18. First 458 x2
    First SLS
    Drophead Coupe x2
    355 x2
    Phantom x2
    Spyker c8 x2
    Ford GT
    F430 Flat black wrap with bolts or rivets or w/e showing

    Good day
  19. saw these today at maidstone ferrari centre.
  20. Sweet! Take any pics of that F40?

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