what is the purpose of the roofscoop?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by KRSONe1, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Ive always wondered......
  2. What's the purpose of any scoop?
  3. To direct air to the engine in rear engine cars like an NSX or MR2.

    There is an eclipse around here that has one and that's just to look stupid.
  4. why do Rally cars have it?
  5. To keep interior temps down most of the time, assuming the car isn't midengined obviously.
  6. i thought the roofscoop on rally cars is also a piped intake as well.
  7. Wouldn't make sense on a front-engined car...
  8. it also cools some drivetrain components ive been reading.
  9. It would if the car operated up to it's wheel hubs in dirt and mud half the time.
  10. I've also heard they are used to cool the brakes.
  11. but wouldn't it make more sense to put intakes for brakes on the side of a car for a more direct feed of air?
  12. Dirt is a rotten coolant.
  13. The Intakes on a Rally car are on the roof becauz...if they were in the front of the car ..say near the bumpers...all the dirt.etc stuff would enter inside!!This is one reason though!!
  14. Rally car roof scoops are to circulate air through the cabin. You might notice that some rally cars with the roof scoop also have venting at the top of the rear windows. This is to have a more constant flow of air though the cabin.
  15. Roof scoops are about respect and street credit you stupid n00bs.

  16. lol... priceless.

    Non-functional roof scoop + very draggy wing = awesome.
  17. They do use them for diff coolers in some cases as well as brake cooling. The Mustang cobra R had a a diff cooler but they used a quarter glass mounted inducion.
  18. Hey man... those wings provide downforce!
    The math to determine how much is pretty simple as well:
    Length x Width x Height x Density x Gravitational Constant = Downforce
  19. That's what a snorkel is for, and it doesn't go on the roof.
  20. Some teams do, some don't ...

    And the snorkel is mainly for the engine intake, not brakes and diffs.
  21. Sarcasm?

    Seriously, though. That actually may make more drag than it weighs.
  22. The 2000 Cobra R did in fact have a differential cooler but no duct work was routed from the quarter windows.
  23. point taken
  24. actually it would be ((length x width x height x density)x(gravitational constant)x (mass of earth))/(the distantance between the center of mass of the earth and the center of mass of the wing)^2

    or we could just go length x width x density x 9.8 m/s^2.
  25. But with a wing that size, he's probably going to be airborne, so you'll have to go with the full equation form (to properly compute gravitational acceleration).

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