what would one of these go for now?

Discussion in '1978 BMW 635 CSi' started by caddybadboy, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. just ballpark...
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    euro or US spec? the US spec one seems to fetch a higher price tag for a few reasons. One is that it has the dual timing chain and dual valve springs. Also the insurance companies have the US spec ones on their lists. 88 and 87 were the only 2 years the M6 was available in the US. euro cars are less. ive seen them for about $14,500-$20,000 in really good shape with low miles. Reason for this being it has the single row timing chain and insurance companies dont recognize this car because there was no M6 in the US for 84-86. I prefer the euro one, more power, lighter, nice small bumpers and the cheaper price tag.
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    I got the very first model of the M6 ever produced.... a 1982 M635Csi imported from Germany... only 350 or so still remaining..
    and now that the new M6's are going to be coming out in 2005 the value of the E24 body styles are going to skyrocket
  4. ur full of shit, the first M6 was a 1984 model, also the upciming M6 wont be out until 2006.
  5. '06 model year, but the M6 will come out in late '05. Besides, maybe he is wrong about the year of his car, but you are an asshole. If he ends up being right, you are really gonna look like a jerk...they call it Karma.
  6. its not known to many, but there were only a few prototypes that were made in germany back in 1982... Now the car that i have was bought in 1982 from germany. that had no big options like leather or anything else in it.. it is just a full out street legal race car.. i have all the papers to prove this true

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