What's your favorite modern FPS?

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  1. broken option, i dont really play many games
  2. Agreed. I enjoyed it when you, me, and Dahldrin played a few matches. The scale of BF2 is awesome
  3. I have it for the xbox, and I play TF2 on LIVE. I'm such a fkin n00b though haha
  4. This weekend on Steam digital download it's £5.99/$9.99

    This is an insane deal.
  5. that's pretty awesome. my PC is shit for online games, unfortunately.
  6. I don't think it's actually possible to buy more gaming time for so little money.
  7. Unreal Tournament 2004. 121 maps, 11 gametypes, 19 weapons, 86 characters, 11 vehicles, still fairly attractive graphically (due to level design rather than the ageing engine), and practically free. It's the best arena package ever assembled.
    Actually, come to think of it, you can pick up the Unreal Anthology set with every title in the series (other than UT3, but who cares) for around the price of the Orange Box. That's about a gazillion hours of content if you can find decent UT2004 servers (UT1 has more players, and is far more playable offline).
  8. ?Metroid Prime 3.

    But on that list, Id say Bioshock.
  9. Any idea why UT3 didn't catch on with the UT crowd?
  10. You do get access to all the Counterstrike universe, with all it's variations as well. Without knowing even a ballpark figure for the total number of maps and game types available, I'd still say you're far short with those numbers.
  11. Because it was awful. I bought it when it came out to try out on my then new PC and 8800GT. Graphically it looked amazing but the game play was boring and the level design really weak. Plus it had the absolute worst vehicle controls of any game i've ever played.

    My biggest beef with UT aside fromthe level design is that you can't simply have a big battle using the vehicles. They're only for certian forms of game play and the level really limits how you can use it. I want a BF2 / Halo style fight where 2 teams battle it out supported by vehicles.

    And this is coming from a person who loved the orginial UT and used to play it all the time.
  12. In terms of official content out of the box, Counter-Strike doesn't vaguely approach UT2004, even if you combine 1.6 and Source.

    When it comes to user-generated content, neither game is what you'd call lacking - I never got into the CS mod scene but UT2004 had a gigantic modding community (and still does as far as I know).
    However, infinitely more people play CS, so I suppose you're more likely to find an online game using your choice of 3rd-party content.
  13. Everyone has their own take on the subject, but that's just the way it's always been with the Unreal community. Everyone's very factionalised. When UT2003 came out, a huge chunk of the old game's players utterly detested it (with good reason, it was far worse than UT3 - although vastly more innovative), and to this day are still playing the first title.

    However, UT2003 still did well because there were a lot of bored Quake 3 players out there looking for something new to play. A lot of UT200x-diehards are actually Quake veterans, and the advanced movement system and defensive emphasis does add a whole extra dimension for competitive play. With the exception of the Assault gametype it isn't terribly fun, but it offers everything a Quake player could need.

    UT3 adopted kind of a compromise between the two gameplay dynamics, but ended up pleasing nobody. UT200x fans didn't appreciate the more basic movement system, UT1 fans weren't really offered anything desirable that they didn't already have in their favourite title. Personally I even prefer the first game's graphics. Like Drift King said, the vehicles were rubbish, a huge number of features from the old games were missing (like demo recording for example), nothing was innovated, and being a cutting-edge title everyone assumed you'd need a cutting-edge computer to do it justice.
    Moreover, the golden age of deathmatch games has been over for a very long time now. Many fans from 1999 now have careers and families taking up their time, and newer players seem to prefer 'realism' shooters, easily-accessible tactics and a much slower pace.

    I don't know the sales figures, but I'm pretty sure UT3 has been a flop. And no wonder - it has no market.
  14. I'm still hoping to eventually play UT3. I don't have a history with the series so I doubt I'll be offended like some of you guys are. I've noticed recently that hardcore PC gamers seem to get really pissed when franchises change or evolve. Battlefield: Bad Company is a great example of that--BF2 fans think it's a disgrace, yet it's my favorite FPS ever.
  15. Have you tried the new L4D content yet? I've heard Survival Mode is insanity^2.
  16. I liked rainbow six a lot, but on that list id have to say call of duty, though ive tired of it
  17. I think it's a consequence of forming a strong emotional attachment to a product. You see it with a lot of different mediums - Lamborghini fans tend to initially react negatively to every new car that's launched because it has some difference to a predecessor that they loved. Many original-trilogy Star Wars fans will never admit that Episode 3 was a decent film because they can't stomach the different approach adopted by the prequels.
    Sometimes the points of dissention are ridiculously minor issues, and I've been astonished at the pettiness of some entrenched fanboys I've come across. One friend of mine was absolutely determined to hate UT3 from the moment it was announced, and ranted about even a turn of phrase in a press release which might be used as a negative.

    As for Left 4 Dead, yeah, Survival is nuts. You literally get a tank every minute, sometimes even two at once. I haven't enjoyed it... at all... but I've been having nasty networking issues recently which may be the cause of the non-fun.
  18. Survival is pretty amazing, I just wish it didn't come out now with finals this week.
  19. I was just looking at the results of this poll and I've gotta think that many of the superbars.net expatriates are lurking among us. With SC.net traffic at an all-time low I find it somewhat strange that 61 people have already voted. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>
  20. After 12 minutes the constant tank spawning leaves me with no answer. You need 4 auto shotguns blazing to kill them fast enough, with no rifle in the group, smokers will tongue lash you from 30 feet away and incapacitate everyone. Game Over

    Valve have been watching with eagle eyes at what players have been doing on Expert campaigns. You'll all crouch in a corner and suddenly the wall behind you will collapse as a hoarde charge through in Survival mode. It's the little things.
  21. counterstrike source gungame mod
  22. im on both
  23. CoD4, what can i say? it calls to me.

    but i'm stoked for MAG, is anybody else?

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