Which country has the best cuisine?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jun 6, 2016.


Best cuisine?

  1. Italian

  2. French

  3. British

  4. Thai

  5. Indonesian

  6. Vietnamese

  7. Chinese

  8. Mexican

  9. Argentinian

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  10. Other

  1. I would have to say that "BBQ" is internationally popular and cannot be associated with just one cuisine. The rest is debateable.
  2. my backyard when i smoke meats. BBQ soss not necessary! but USA#1 so soss is nearby. so is the Hoveround/Rascal
  3. You don't travel that much eh
  4. Hoveround takes me where i want to go, where will it send me?
  5. its w00t
    hes a pedant
    are you new

    arguments about cultural appropriation and 'burgers and fries arent AMERICAN!' are so stupid
    because his next post in another thread will be about typical cheeseburger american diabetic obesity

    in fact this thread is stupid. my favorite national cuisine is whatever I havent had in a week or so. I dont even want to eat thai food everyday
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  6. That nigga really has a problem with USA#1
  7. Well yeah it;s a disgusting country
  8. Yes. Daily American life:

  9. not enough imitation cheese
  10. are those guys poopin
  11. Lih'd

    But srsly go visit Murika. So many nice things over there.

    And although cities aren't like Singapore/Japan/Switzerland levels of clean, they are still much less disgusting than something like Paris or Milan.
  12. New York can get pretty disgusting, but it's still an awesome city.
  13. Meh

    I have seen worse in Italy
  14. You should try the Middle East. Home looked like shit to me after visiting Japan.
  15. Oh i do want to visit America sometime. The nature looks awesome. It's just the people/(lack of)culture that bothers me.

    edit: i rather visit canada though. it's usa, but with better people.
  16. wait lol youve been to the usa right
  17. Lack of culture? What do you mean by that? Where did you visit? Plenty of different kinds of culture. Even hipsters.
  18. United States is about as diverse as a country can get. From dorky hipsters, through gun-wielding white trash, to LA gang members and a zero-Americans kiddy gym my niece goes to in Bellevue, WA.

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