Women of the World

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  2. ugh usual nightclub girl
  3. Brazil or one on the scandinavian countries.
  4. Babe? He's hiding a penis
  5. THIS
  7. Argentina/Brazil
  8. Half of brazil is like black chicks with giant asses and shit. yuck.

    scandinavian and balkan girls please.
  9. you don't want them to clap your dick?
  10. "People say there are sexy women in every corner. Damn it the world is round"
  11. lol !
  12. You suck she has the natural look
  13. I'm with you CTR, so hot.
  14. Eastern European and Latin American chicks are hot.
  15. dutch/eastern european/balkan/french/belgian
  16. a hot girl is a hot girl, i dunno, what makes them hot is what they're into not where they're from.

    but if they're keut and have a french/scandinavian/pommy accent...
  17. There are cute women everywhere, but for my taste, there seems to be a higher hot:ugly ratio in Central-European, East-European, Mid-West (belgian, french) European and Northcoast/Eastcoast South-American women.
  18. ummm, it has a bit to do where they're from.

    Think opposite ..... African, Aboriginal...
  19. i rate some african girls i see every now and again. aboriginals on the other hand...but the way they live and how early they die i'm not surprised there's no supermodels being cranked out.
  20. Miss world disagree with racist bogan statement.

    I wourld give anything for cheek bones like that.
  21. Alot of the former Russian countries have a good mix of slavic & Mongolian hotness (i.e. Uzbekistan).
  22. Enjoy your repetitive and headache sparking repetitive wallcarpet patterns lol, but yeah, some are nice

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