wow, i suck at taking pictures

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  1. any tips? haha

    got new fish last couple weeks

    2 blue rams
    1 angel fish
    1 clown loach
  2. all very fun fish that go well together. have you ever had ram cichlids before? they are very delicate
  3. nope never had them

    did a TON of research before i got them, i know how delicate they can be, and how good the water needs to be..

    youve had some before?
  4. Yes. If you've got good enough lighting, I suggest throwing some live plants in there. They will like it. If you have lower lights, or are having a problem with the clown loaches messing with the plants, I might suggest plants from the Anubias var. They are hearty, don't take a ton of light, but provide good gas exchange as well as shelter. With usually strong roots.
  5. right on, thanks for the heads up!

    in my back corner i put two Amazon Swords. bought them when i bought the loach and i think they've grown a little so far

    I got them because im trying to get some cover for the Rams, even though they're not all that interested in it. haha, they always chase the Tetra's away from the plants.... and the driftwood... and basically everything else! After I got the Serpae Tetra's i read up how they can be fin nippers.. they've taken chunks out of each others fins before i added anything, and I really didnt want them nipping the Rams so I'm glad to see the Rams dont take any crap

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