WTF is wrong with people!!!

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  1. Why is everyone bad mouthing Lotus. Bla bla bla not enought speed, bullshit. I would appriciate it if people knew what these cars are able to do before they just talk some shit about it. So mabey it doesent go faster on a stright line, take it to a real track, somthing along the lines of a road coarse. These dumbasses dont know about the handleing of these cars. So please dont make fools of yourself and respect it, because chances are, its better than alot of other cars.
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    yeah i know. these days, all i hear is "corvette this, viper that! straight-track acceleration this, big fat engines that! etc." its really annoying. the esprit is considered one of the best handling cars of all time and some people *cough*americans*cough* should really look beyond straight track accel and engine size.
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    Hey im you could say half american and live in america. But i hate vipers corvettes etc. Lotus cars are some of my favorite cars, id rather have handling over straight line speed. Some people are very close minded when thinking about america.
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    i just was next to a purple esprit on the road about 5 minutes hot cars...but ya know the SRT-10 and the Z06 are meant for straight line acceleration and handling...might not be as killer on a road course but they did not neglect turns in these vehicles...i would take all 3 cars gladly and use them all for their killer characteristics
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    I do agree with most of this. I love Lotus myself. I think they make some of the most beautiful cars. Not just engine, handling, or speed wise but also in design. The body of the car and it's lines are a thing of beauty as well. I'll admit my Firebird is not exactly the most eye catching car in the world but it does have a certain physical charm that can't be matched. Then again that may just be in the eye of the beholder. In fact I can't wait for the Elise to hit the U.S. shores next year. I do find it sad however that Lotus is ending the Esprit line. Maybe they are coming up with something else.

    Also, on the subject of "American this or Import that." I frankly don't care what anyone else says. I'm an American gear head with worldly tastes. I love American muscle right along with British.
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    this car is extremely underrated even more so than the NSX but this car is very good, just all the updates made ovwer the years havent really kept it upto date.....shame. Still an amazing car.
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    My dad is friends with someone who owns this car in yellow. It is amazing, he drove this and a new Ferrari. He said that their was no comparison. The only problem is that it is so small, and you can not see out of it at all.
    Please don't say americans are ignorant, because we like cars that are fast and cheap. Yes i drive a German car, and it handles great, but the American muscle cars are fast. Cheap. Fun and easy to work on yourself.
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    dude dont go badmouthing americans not all are the same, i love the esprit its awesome handling but i would want a little more power because then it could easily kill any car on the road something like 400 horses would be sufficient, but the new viper and the vette can handle too just because they might be considered muscle(i really think only the viper can) doesnt mean they cant handle
  9. I love Lotus, personally. My second favorite auto producer. Just hope they bring the Esprit back.
  10. You have absolutely no clue about what it's like in America. I'd say straight track (drags) are among the least popular racing events (televised). *Cough*dork*cough*

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