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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Dcepticon, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. With the intention of having fun on track days and weekends. A project car without street compromise.

    Choose, discuss, insult people's opinions... rinse, repeat, wipe hands on pants.

  2. It's a toss up between the R32 and MR2, but I'll go with the Toyota.
  3. The R32 has bad braking and a sloppy chassis compared to the MR2, yet the MR2 is much harder to drive.
  4. It's a project car, I can fix things I don't like. And based on what people have told me about messing around in MR cars, I think that as a track car/weekend toy I'd want to go with one.
  5. The MR2 is also legendary for its reliability, not something that is common with sporty cars. Out of this list I think it is by far the most reliable.

    I chose the Evo III RS because it already comes pretty stripped and the only things that are really prone to breaking on them are unimportant when it comes to speed and mechanicals in general.
  6. MR2 all the way! Have you guys seen the newest issue of Sport Compact Car?
  7. Nope, if the feature car isn't a widebody MR2 GTS 2nd gen Turbo with over 300 bhp I'm gonna eat your babies. Post pics, now.
  8. /articles
  9. Pics of articles, whatever.

    Those who don't vote have no ballsacks.
  10. Just go buy it. I'm sure you'll love it.
  11. Well, it's not the newest, but one of the cars it features is a yellow MR2 with a supercharged Camry engine.
  12. Sounds pretty lame, its either a stock MR2 1st gen or a MR2 2nd gen with a 1st gen engine swapped in. Yippee.
  13. miita shoulda had a place on this list

    but ill take a mr-s
  14. A full blooded track car? Perhaps an S13. I would say a 240Z, but I'd rather have one for a crusing car, rather than a track car.
  15. I put 240Z because it has an engine bay space that allows you alot of options. If you get sick of your SR or stock I6 you can throw in something different like a 302 Mod or RB.

    Also, the shape is timeless.
  16. My friend has a 280Z, but the engine keeps randomly dying. I told her the only viable solution was to swap in an LS1, or some such thing.
  17. the rx7 with an engine swap. maibe a ford 302 or a toyota 1uzfe. its a very competent chassis with great aftermarket, light, lots of engine bay room, good stock brakes, good suspension and it doesnt hurt that the car looks good too.
  18. Since it can fit, the solution is obviously a BMW 6.0 L V12.
  19. Haha, the weight distribution would be about 85/15.
  20. I was gonna say an S14 or 15. Would be great with about 300 horsies. Maybe a bit more.
  21. You guys have no balls! I should have taken that into consideration.

    S13+ are only really good for street, they are horrible for grip racing. Its also VERY expensive compared to the other platforms listed to get max speed and performance from the chassis. It does not seem you have much experience with non-street project cars.

    edit: I think I'm the only guy under 30 that sincerely hates weight and tricky newfangled crapola that passes for 'driver assistance' and 'engine management'-- most of all fat narrow cars with crammed engine bays full of the aformentioned crapola, bureacratic gearboxes, stupidly narrow tires and no room for appropriate rubber.

    I guess the philosophy of 'no compromise performance' has died.
  22. "With the intention of having fun on track days and weekends"

    FUN = times/speed don't really matter. To me anyway.
  23. For the same amount of money as a second hand S15 Spec R you can outfit one of those examples to be far faster than your driving abilities. Not only that, but without even adding power, using 1/2 that money to take away weight and increase response from the suspension, brakes, and throttle you would get SOOOOO much more fun out of it for so much less! Less gas, less tire usage, less shit to distract you from a wonderful pure experience.

    Road cars are fat whores of compromise, and quite horrific at that when it comes to driving pleasure. Its a wonder any of them have balls at all.
  24. Fun is subjective.
  25. I thought about that, and in this case, it isn't. That is unless body roll, soft brake feel, understeer, and the worry something expensive will break are all things that turn you on... Oh yeah, and paying enormous amounts in gas/tires etc and everything else consumable that costs 10x more because your car is new.

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