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  1. New tools are always nice.

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  2. Another watch because look at it.

    It's a 6309-7290 from 1987.

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  3. Nice
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  5. Some cheap 18"s with Michelin X-Ice3s to make the bimmer a little bit less dangerous when I have to get it out in the cold. The summer Continentals were legitimately scary anytime temps were below 20*F, much less with any precipitation at all.

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  6. Remy Martin vsop.
    And a rice cooker for my girlfriend.
  7. paid development approvals for the secondary house going on one of my properties. .....This will be a learning curve.

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  8. You have your front door opening to the wrong direction.

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  9. what do you mean?
  10. Yeah, whaddayou mean? External doors always open to the inside in residential structures. Not the case in yurop or something?
  11. Maybe he means it's hinged on the wrong side?
  12. Never seen a front door that would open inwards. I knew there was some global difference thing with this fact and attempted to just joke about it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  13. If you have a storm door and a heavy main door, the external heavy door opens outwards, and the storm door opens inwards. If there is no storm door, the door opens inwards.

    At least that's how I've always thought it was.

    Storm door usually being a lightweight aluminum, glass, or screen door on the inside of the main door, usually made of wood or steel.

    I typed this way too early after a shit night of sleep, all my storm doors are on the outside and open out, all my main doors open inwards.

  14. ugh all our external doors open inwards / in the house?
  15. At least in the US, exterior doors have to open inward, but a storm or screen door would open outwards because of the below. Also, you dont want hinges accessible from the outside

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  16. Commercial exterior doors generally have to open outwards, to allow people to GTFO in a fire. Not sure why it's different for residences.
  17. a desk for my office,
  18. all houses have doors that open the inside as well
  19. thats one thing that is interesting with worldwide companies
    depending on which country you are, doors don't open the same way (for the same kind of rooms , reception, or lab)

    each country can do it differently and I just often break my #$%#ing face in the door
  20. Non-residential doors are more likely to have a large number of people running through them in such a scenario, so it could be hard to get the crowd to stop for a second to let the first person open the door towards the inside
  21. Yup. There was some club fire a few years ago in the news where that was an issue and people died.

  22. haven't really bought too much that's exciting

    range extender for wifi , and some beer

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  23. Got this little guy.

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  24. espresso because sleepy

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