Your latest purchase part 2

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  1. ya
    needed audio on a workstation with no ability to add a sound card
    works great
    will work even greater on my home stereo in a month
  2. not bad. i have a focus rite 2i4 myself.
  3. 22U network cabinet, with door and ventilation for the nerd gear
  4. i hope you put it in your bedroom
  5. i signed up for google project fi and ordered a nexus 5x
    couldnt justify more than double for the 6p though it looks like a fine fablet
  6. Bought a Bride Vios for the silverPOS
  7. takapuna drift
  8. I'll try do a lift off oversteer just for you
  9. tom clinches' the division
  10. finally got the rad redone for my ford. now I just have to paint it and its ready for reinstalling

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  12. I like it but my car doesn't really do top speed. so not applicable for my application
  13. Radiohead tickets at face value, went on sale at 10 am, bought them at 10 02, and when i searched again they where sold out.

    im intending to go to the show, but knowing that i can sell my tickets for 400+ when i bought them for 90 is making me feel some type of way
  14. I saw them live two years ago. You have to be a big fan of theirs to enjoy their show
  15. im a fan of theirs, not a HUGE on, but i enjoy their stuff. i saw them headline bonnaroo 4 years ago, which is another reason i could see these and not feel too bad
  16. I'm guessing you don't need the money too badly, so if you don't go, sell them at face value. Don't be a dick.

    I disagree that you have to be a huge fan to enjoy they, but it's been a while since I've seen them. Have seen them three or four times. Best was definitely in San Diego. Much smaller crowd, much closer to the stage, great outdoor location right on the ocean and absolutely perfect weather. Was a very good experience.
  17. I was hoping to go to the London show but my mate wasn't able to get us tickets.

    Might need to stab some scalpers to get them.
  18. Just ordered these as a little self reward for getting a second raise in the last 5 months.

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  19. MotoGP Season 2016 Videopass.
    Qualifys this evening, races tomorrow.

    Never had a raise, nor have ever asked for one. (I do get the raises everyone gets due to labor unions, but they have always been lagging behind rising living costs)

    Still have not washed my Mini for a photo post regarding the suspension tweak and led lights I recently bought. They work fine, the car feels more controlled. The lights are otherwise ok, but much colder in color to the xenon main beams.
  20. If I dont go theyll just be given to friends. I dont need the money, and as a frequent concert goer I hate resellers myself, so dont wanna be one
  21. Give them to this friend and I will take care of them for you.
  22. New shirt

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  23. unbutton the upper button
  24. discussion: should robert jims top button be buttoned? what about the other buttons?
  25. Top 3 buttoned the rest at the bottom no

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