Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. Not you?
  2. Yeah i heard they are great. I already have plenty of MD controllers, so don't really feel the need to buy one.
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  3. Your local credit union?
  4. No! My global too-big-to-fail, faceless corporate monster bank.
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  5. whats happened
  6. btw the gti is a replacement car after my speed3 got rear-ended by a tractor trailor doing 80mph in the rain.
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  7. Call this guy, he'll hook it up
  8. Still like it a lot. Haven't had any issues what so ever. It does everything so fast, great photos. Everything about it is good. Battery life is phenomenal.
  9. Been a few months, but I got this in the summer.

  10. Just bought:

    - Wreckfest
    - Kingdom hearts 3
    - The evil within
  11. Wreckfest is silly dumb fun for a little while.
    KH3 was terrible. Just really linear button mashing with the most confusing story line I've ever heard in a video game. Such a let down.
    Evil Within was pretty good. Starts off as a good, stealthy horror game, kinda transitions into more of a shooter towards the end, which is unfortunate.
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  12. Got all 3 for 50 euro, pretty damn cheap. I wasn't sure about kingdom hearts. But for a cheap price i'm willing to play it.

    Played wreckfest a little bit now, it's fun yeah. Loading times on the xbox are pretty long though.
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  13. Oh yeah, I heard about how terrible the loading times were on Xbox.
  14. Pixel 4 because my S7 is on its death bed. It is taking some getting used to but I like it so far. It uses hand motions to navigate. I think it's pointless so I changed it to use menu buttons. It's a touch screen FFS. If my hand is already by the screen, I'll just touch the button. Still waiting to test night video, but camera and screen a pretty good.
  15. Bought a new watch. Casio G-shock for at work.
  16. one thing I've seen that looks like a genuinely useful feature for the radar thing is that it senses you bringing your hand close to your phone, and kicks on the facial recognition straight away, so it speeds up/smooths out that whole process

    5:10 shows it working with an IR camera.
  17. Yes, it's very quick. Also, it has this thing where you can take a picture of something and it'll do an image search to find what it is.
  18. the one real negative thing I've been seeing a few reports of is battery life being quite poor. How are you finding it?
  19. Yeah, the battery life is the suck. Oddly enough, I'll check and it says something like I have 12 hours of battery life left. I'll have it in my pocket doing nothing for an hour and then it says I have 9 hours left.
    Good news is that it charges crazy quick.
    Also no headphone jack port. But cheap usb-c adapter works fine. It was either this or that S10. Part of me wishes I went with the S10 but that may be just because I was so used to operating my S7 and I'm still trying to get used to the Pixel.
  20. I enjoy the pure android experience without samsungs shovelware overlay

    I have a 2xl thats starting to get old but is still quite nice. I hope when I'm ready to upgrade they have a nice mid range model phone out
  21. I Guess fast charging makes the battery life less of an issue but my worry is that if you're just charging it loads then it'll die sooner. Most of the time in my experience the need to get a new phone is either lack of new OS support on an older device, or battery deterioration.

    I've been using an OG pixel for the last 2.5 years and I've really loved the pure android experience, but yeah the aforementioned battery (and now hardware) deterioration has forced my hand. I'd keep it if it didn't recently become more unreliable than a 70s British Leyland product.

    Also I was disappointed to hear that Google has put the kibosh on unlimited full-resolution Google Photos storage for Pixel users.

    I think I'm going to end up with a Samsung. I haven't had a Samsung since before I started using smartphones (from memory I've had at least 5 of their old flip/slide phones back in the day)

    I'm still worried about the Huawei thing. I would love a P30 Pro but there's no guarantees I can see that Google services won't just stop working after 6 months, at which point I'm stuck with a heavily compromised device for 18 months.

    Maybe it's time to go back to a 3210. **** smartphones.
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  22. just curious why is the iphone not an option

    I'm not the biggest iphone fan but I seem to be in the minority
  23. I liked my S7. I didn't have really have any problems until the end. But that's only due to being dropped several times and landing screen first. Even now I still use it as a music player at work and to read the internets while on the toilet.

    iPhone is hyped and overpriced. **** their iPad too. My fiancee is on her 3rd. The 1st two had issues the first week. Now I will say the camera on the new IPhone Pro looks real good.
  24. I love my P30 pro. My only real complaint is that the sound during calls(non-speakerphone) is very muffled because they actually mounted the speaker being the screen. So you put your ear against the screen and listen through it. So if call quality isn't perfect I often have to ask people to repeat themselves. That is about the only complaint.

    Oh and it takes the Huawei only Nano SD cards, not micro SD like every other phone out there.
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    They're all quite a lot more expensive than the Android phones I've been looking at when you consider the costs over a 2 year contract (which all handsets come with these days)

    Honestly I've always liked the look of iPhones. One of my favourite phones from years past was the iPhone 4 I had. Really solid device and at the time it was definitely the best handset as far as build quality went, but I'm trying to spend less money than I have been doing and these days there are countless other Android options with similar build quality and specs

    If my Pixel didn't start shitting the bed, I'd just go with a rolling monthly sim-only contract and really save money, but yeah I'm going to be tied into this bullshit for another 2 years

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