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  1. Just thought I'd make a 50 page thread.
  2. In before flames
  3. interior
  4. Clarkson said if I drive it on the street I will get a broken back.
  5. Clarkson safed your back.
  6. proof that you dont need a fancy interior to beat more expensive cars, with the $120,000 you save you can have any interior you want so you win either way
  7. Aftermarket doesn't count noob. For 70K I could mod and STI to easily beat a Z06.
  8. THe point is, the stock Z06 is a great deal that can compete with a Gallardo or F430 on a track and its not a go cart or kit.
  9. Leaf springs
  10. Is the Z06 fast?
  11. LOL
  12. No, a 1981 Lada Signet 1500 is much faster.
  13. Can't handle the passion.
  14. Should only come in Victory Red.
  15. needs a hybrid/I-4 option.
  16. plastics!

    horrible, shitty plastics!
  17. Needs more dark matter reactors
  18. Gets pooped on by a stock Subaru that can carry 4 people and be much more practical, while mantaining a better bang for the buck ratio.
  19. /end thread

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