Zonda 760RS (Evo test scans + vid)

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  1. Zonda 760RS

    Some shots are slowly starting to trickle out.

    It has been delivered to a customer in Chile. The engine is an evolution of the 7.3 liter unit from the F. It is the same engine that will be in the Zonda 750, which is on the way, all units of which are going to the same Arab family (I'd bet the Al Thanis). The gearbox is sequential and the interior is black.

    Info from pagani-zonda.net, picture from teamspeed.

    Edit: Added scans from evo test on the second page. Also, there are at least two more Zondas with the 750bhp/760PS motor on the way, with a maximum of five. The two currently on order will both have manual transmissions, and one will be designated the 760LH (think F1 driver initials).
  2. Zonda 760RS

    Wasteof car if sold to saudis
  3. Zonda 760RS

    #$%#ing rich Arabs.
  4. Zonda 760RS

    Keep them coming.
  5. Zonda 760RS

    This wouldn't exist if it weren't largely for arabs. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. Zonda 760RS

    same for every supercars since the 80s
  7. Zonda 760RS

    Chile =/= Saudi Arabia
  8. Zonda 760RS
  9. Zonda 760RS

  10. Zonda 760RS

    The Zonda 750 is so ugly its not even funny. Come on look at the #$%#ing heel lifts at the back, it ruins it. The r is tops
  11. Zonda 760RS

    Too bad that this isn't the Zonda 750. And I'm not sure if looks can be judged by such shitty pictures; I'm also not sure what a "heel lift" is.
  12. Zonda 760RS

    volvo collab
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    Zonda 760RS

    New pics + video

  14. Zonda 760RS

    ANOTHER zonda
    oh please just let this car die alrady
    driving my Hyururua all over track (zoom zoom) on Forza 5 (beta testing it )
  15. Zonda 760RS

    looks like a 3-stage traction control/suspension/etc system (C/S/R dial - Comfort, Sport, Race?)
  16. Zonda 760RS

    Correct, this thing is the closest to a street legal version of the Zonda R.

    I still love the Zonda, really don't care much for the Huayra or whatever it's called.
  17. Zonda 760RS

    No, they need to make 32 more "one last" Zondas first!
  18. Zonda 760RS

    yeah. the cinque has that as well iirc.
  19. Zonda 760RS

    Every time I see your avatar I think that you're Reichsfuhrer.
  20. Zonda 760RS

    me too
  21. Zonda 760RS

    Can we get a ban here?
  22. Zonda 760RS

    Photo credit to Marco Solari.
  23. Zonda 760RS

    So it seems like Pagani is still making more Zondas than huayarrras.
    Good, the zonda looks 10x better than the huyuyarara.
  24. Zonda 760RS

    Zondas will never look outdated to me.
  25. Zonda 760RS

    #$%# that looks good. I still say my franken-zonda would have the C12-S spoiler tho.

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