2006 Gumpert Apollo

2006 Gumpert Apollo 2006 Gumpert Apollo 2006 Gumpert Apollo

Above Images ©Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH

Gumpert are now assembling a range of the most daring supercars built around Audi components. Their first saleable product, which has started its show rounds, is a production version of the Apollo mid-engine supercar seen earlier this year. It's powered by a twin turbo Audi V8, and if the spec tables are to be believed, new owners can be treated to 60mph in just 3.0 seconds.

The Apollo just might be capable of such a run. Its carbon fibre body sits atop a chrome molybdenum alloy and steel frame that supports an RS6 engine cranked out to 650 bhp. With this setup the Gumpert has a better power to weight ratio than the big 'Mac'Laren F1. Although, some customers might opt out of the carbon for a GRP body and a have the superchared 440 bhp option to save a few dollars, or maybe a little sanity.

Other niceties include a sequential 6-speed transmission, a twin clutch system attached to that, an inboard suspension setup and as much down force as a DTM car. All of this down force is created by the under tray which means the Apollo has no fussy wings and instead, two massive venturis extending the length of the car that increase the drag to 0.43 Cd.

Sensibly, the Apollo has huge brakes hiding behind its 19 inch center-lock wheels. To keep speed in check, 8-piston calipers grab 15 inch discs on all four wheels and an ABS system is included.

Gumpert say they are production ready and can make cars ranging from 150 to 220 thousand euros. They are suggesting that a full-on race version might be feasible, but until then we patiently wait for The Nurburgring lap time.

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