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Supercars, hypercars and performance cars. We are in awe of how modern supercar and sports car brands continuously push the envelope and redefine the level of performance achievable in a car. We find and share the most important news in the world of supercars, from major car brand announcements to racing accomplishments. If it’s fast, beautiful, or a modern marvel of automotive technology, you’ll find us talking about it here. Our team of editors is constantly scouring the internet and talking to our contacts at supercar companies to get the latest supercar news for you in real time, as it happens. 

The F(errari)-UV of the Future One needn’t go too far back in time—even just a decade—where the mere proposition of Ferrari producing an SUV would be considered heresy of the highest degree. Well, that’s because the Lamborghini Urus didn’t exist until 2018....

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