1931→1934 Austro Daimler 635 ‘Bergmeister’

The 635 ‘Bergmeister’ was the ultimate chassis produced by Austro Daimler in Austria. It was powered by an aluminum inline-6 engine, could reach 90 mph and it was one of the most competent chassis of the period.

While the car was designed independent of Porsche who moved to Daimler in 1923, the engine as similar to the Porsche-designed unit in the ADM. These used an aluminum block with cast-iron liners and a gear-driven overhead camshaft.

Our feature car was used by Austro Daimler as a demonstration car at many Concours d'Elegance in Europe. It was one of the rare cars to receive Armbruster coachwork in the period. Retained by the Porsche family it was fully restored for the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance were it took second in the European Classic 1925-1931 class.

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