2013 ATS 2500 GT

2013 ATS 2500 GT 2013 ATS 2500 GT 2013 ATS 2500 GT 2013 ATS 2500 GT 2013 ATS 2500 GT

In 2013, ATS AutoSport will be responsible for the revival of the little-known 2500 GT, a rare sports car developed by ex-Ferrari personnel in 1963. The new car takes direct cues from its predecessor which was one of the first mid-engine sports cars.

ATS describes their new car "Built around a 3D Cad Cam generated chassis that has been tested on the most famous circuit in Europe, with a GRP bodywork, weight less than 1000kg and thanks to its powerful Turbocharged 2500cc flatfour engine, can develop a power to weight ratio of the best Sportscars in the world. The 19” ADV.1 special made wheels are only one of the exclusive parts created for this GT, with important brands involved in the building like Tarox, Nardi Steering wheels, Sparco, Carbon Evo, Oram Suspension, Apple. This car has been projected for pure driving pleasure both on the road and on the track, offering exclusivity and custom made program for each customer that want be part of the ATS family. 2500 GT is the best successor of the original and mythic ATS GT from sixties built in only 12 pieces and today a really masterpiece collector car. This new GT will be a special jewel too."

Gianluca Gregis is the owner and product manager of the new ATS brand who manages a garage called Unico Esemplare-Il garage dei sogni which translates to ‘One-offs, the garage of dreams.’

In a recent interview by Martino Barbieri he discussed the revival. “ATS was a dream that vanished before dawn, my mission is to realize that dream. The original elite group of ATS minds gave birth to just 12 examples of the, 2500 GT road car, two of which were destroyed when a car transporter overturned on its way to the Nurburgring. Today there are only 5 or 6 of them left in the world. To attempt a sequel was irresistible to me. After all, the few cars still alive are all different from each other because even these represented a totally hand-made litter.”

The new 2500 GT is built around a stainless steel tubular chassis much like the original 1963 model. Where it differs is the engine which we assume is a Boxer-4 from the Subaru range modified by Cosworth.

Gianluca Gregis hosted a competition and received 78 submissions by young Italian designers for the outward styling of the car. The result is a sleek coupe that resembles the original 1963 2500 GT in a thoroughly modern way. Whether built in epoxy resin or carbon fibre, we can't wait to see the final product.


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