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10 YouTube Channels Every Exotics Enthusiast Needs to Be Watching

Growing up in the 80s, the closest many supercar fans could get to their dream machines was the token Lamborghini poster on the wall. If you’re like me, you could steal every issue of Car and Driver out of the mail before your dad found it in hopes of some fresh new reporting on the latest exotic.

These days, however, it’s a different story. You can see some of the rarest machines on the planet at full clip in the hands of racing drivers or regular people. For a taste of both, check out the ten YouTube channels listed below.




Supercars of London

The British really seem to enjoy their supercars — there are quite a few of these London-based channels, and all of the hosts seem to know each other. One of the better-produced channels is Supercars of London (SOL), which is run by one Paul Wallace. It’s basically a first-person view of what you’d do if you were 23 and could chase around in exotic cars all the time.

Seen Through Glass

Friend of Paul’s and fellow Londoner Sam Fane runs a POVlog about his own misadventures, which include owning an Alfa Romeo and enjoying a number of cars that manufacturers have sent him for free. He’s recently purchased his first Ferrari, a lifelong dream realized by posting videos. The life of a YouTuber is good.

The Supercardriver

If you can get past the confusion that this isn’t a channel about one person, but rather an entire club of people, it becomes easier to understand the plethora of different cars and stories these guys have. The concept that you can become a member — assuming you’ve got the requisite clout and speedy car — is sort of cool to think about.


The man who made fast car videos cool is still at it. Rob Ferretti may have slowed down from his days of teasing police on coast-to-coast rallies, but he and his friends still have plenty of ways to vaporize a set of tires. Most recently, they’re holding a YouTube car showdown.

Mr. Jww

Back to foggy London we go. James Walker is the more affluent, old-money cousin of Sam and Paul from the first two channels we covered. He’s got access to an entire stable of cars that he owns, and has even been published in GQ with a few of his reviews.

The Supercar Channel

This channel is rather young, but the production quality is high. You’ll find some interesting ideas in the video topics, such as top-speed racing on airport tarmacs and an expertly drifted diesel-powered BMW wagon.


Clarkson, Hammond, and May still haven’t seen the response to their new online community for “petrolheads” they would like to have, but the “tribe’s” YouTube channel has the full force of The Grand Tour’s production budget behind it. As a result, you get lots of good content about the latest, most exotic cars.

The Smoking Tire

Smoking Tire frontman Matt Farah got his start in the days of Super Speeders and has gone on to do his own thing. While not every car on this channel is a supercar, this is one of the best places to come for examples of what real owners do to exotics — like slapping a twin turbo kit on an already quick Lamborghini.


Alejandro Salomon is a very successful entrepreneur who’s channeled his wealth into making car videos. His larger-than-life ego can bring a love/hate dynamic to the table for viewers, but there’s no denying the guy’s access to exotic cars and events.

Motor Trend

At some point, we’ve got to bring the conventional media back into the game here. Motor Trend has been at it longer than any of the upstarts in this group. Jonny Lieberman, former racing driver Randy Pobst and the rest of the team give excellent comparison reviews in the Head 2 Head series and check out the latest new cars in Ignition.