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1,360 hp hypercar delivery in Denmark

From Tim’s, Shmee150 Youtube channel:

The day has finally arrived to officially collect my new Zenvo TSR-S! Join me at the Zenvo factory in Præstø, Denmark to take delivery of the long-awaited Shmeemobile megacar, and immediately head for the first drive into the city of Copenhagen. I can’t believe this day is finally here!

It’s been the most incredible journey on the Road to Zenvo. I’ve visited the factory on numerous occasions throughout the process, from ordering the car, to completing the spec, getting involved in the manufacturing, paint and assembly, to ultimately revealing my TSR-S to the world at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Wrapping it up most recently with a visit to Topaz Detailing for full Paint Protection Film ahead of any road mileage. Now though, it’s time for the handover and first drive!

Having revealed the Zenvo TSR-S, chassis number 4 of the 10 to be made, at the Supercar Paddock at Goodwood only 2 months ago, it’s since been back to the factory for finishing stages and shakedown testing which brings us through to the current day. It’s officially collection day now as I’ve paid and the car is registered, making it genuinely mine, and that’s something I can’t quite believe.

By way of a quick rundown of the spec, the TSR-S features an in-house 5.8l twin-supercharged V8 making 1,177hp on regular fuel and 1,360hp on E85 (1MW and hence a megacar). My example is finished in a custom purple paint, named Lilla Perlemor which means Mother of Pearl Purple, finished with Lime Gron accents, and the purple tint to the carbon fiber. The interior combines the two colors with an asymmetric design and hints of both through the dashboard elements, with the car sitting on the upgrade carbon fiber wheels.

The first 200km drive takes us from Præstø to the capital, and a pre-determined meet location with a great crowd and an opportunity to share the Danish hypercar with many who have never seen one before. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day even more special. Next up though, the car is loaded for transport to Croatia because we’re jumping straight in with Supercar Owners Circle in Zagreb – and it’s going to be insane!