1962 Kellison Corvette Coupe

1962 Kellison Corvette Coupe

James Kellison was a manufacturer of specialty fiberglass bodies, and this coupe is an example of how he could transform the Corvette.

Like the custom built Scarabs and Devins, Kellison’s bodies let customers make their cars lighter and more dramatic. He paid attention to details such as wheel wells, door seals and moulded in dashboards and firewalls.

Our feature car was built on an upgraded ’62 Corvette chassis that was covered by a modified Kellison J4 body that used used stock glass from Studebaker and Buick. with an updated 302 engine that was pushed back on the chassis, this Kellison must have had great performance, but it was never raced. Instead it was fitted with a black Naugahyde interior and used as a road car.

In Detail

typeRacing Car
displacement4949 cc / 302 in³
front brakesHydraulic Drums
rear brakesHydraulic Drums
r suspensionLive Axle w/Leaf Springs
wheelbase2591 mm / 102 in
transmission4-Speed Manual

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS – Alex Marks