2003 ASL Garaiya GT300

2003 ASL Garaiya GT300

2003 ASL Garaiya GT300

AUTOBACS Racing Team AGURI (ARTA) began racing the ASL Garaiya in the japanses 2003 SUPERGT championship. It raced with occasion success in the GT300 class and toko a breif hiatus in 2006 but returned in 2007 to celebrate 10 years of ARTA.

Compared to the standard ASL Garaiya which was released as a road car in 2001, the GT300 model is drastically modified for motorsport. Only the production model’s aluminium and steel chassis tub is used with a new body and Nissan VQ engine which was fitted in 2004.

Despite coming close in the previous seasons, race director Aguri Suzuki threatened the GT300 team if they did not win the championship in 2006. He wasn’t kidding, and when ARTA fell behind the Autopolis Porsche the team was disbanded. Fortunately Suzuki agreed to reenter the Garaiya in 2008 for the company’s 10th anniversary.

In Detail

typeRacing Car
built atJapan

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