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2003 Honda Imas Concept

2003 Honda Imas Concept

2003 Honda Imas Concept

The bicycle; a highly manoeuvrable environmentally friendly means of transportation that responds to a riders every whim. The IMAS: a sports car designed to provide that same invigorating cutting-through-the-breeze feeling.

The design concept was to combine environmentally friendly performance with fun-to-drive sports car performance in an advanced, lightweight, aerodynamic package.

The body is made mainly of super light carbon fibre and aluminium – the overall weight is just 700 kg.

A sweeping aerodynamic shape helps achieve a drag coefficient (Cd) of just 0.20.

The efficient power plant is an update of Honda’s IMA system.

Outstanding aerodynamics, light weight and a green power plant for bicycle- like freedom of movement – that’s what the new-age lightweight IMAS sports car is all about.

Story by Honda Motor Co, Ltd

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
curb weight 700 kg / 1543 lbs
gear ratios :1