2005 Hot Rods & Horsepower Dearborn Deuce Convertible

2005 Hot Rods & Horsepower Dearborn Deuce Convertible

2005 Hot Rods & Horsepower Dearborn Deuce Convertible

Hot Rods & Horsepower, a manufacturer of steel bodies and components for the street-rod industry now sells a modern, convertible-top replica of the legendary 1932 Ford Deuce, probably the most popular hot rod. The company has partnered with ASC, who manufacture the folding top systems for the BMW Z4, Toyota Solara, and Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.

The new Deuce addresses all the inconveniences of the original edition. It has increased passenger room and a functional, hideaway top that fully disappears under a flip-up body panel. The design also features power side windows, thanks to a clever redesign of the A pillars that allow for fully functional side glass while still retaining the curved windshield and doors.

HR&R produce the strongest hot rod frame rails ever produced for ’32 Ford. They are digitally engineered from Henry’s original design, but can cope with the 300 plus horsepower from a modern engine. Many different suspension levels are available, including a fully independent Stage III setup, complete with show car features.

Fully assembled, fully upgradeable bodies with the convertible-top mechanisms are priced between $18,500 and $20,000, while a complete turnkey car from runs about $85 000.

Hot Rods & Horsepower operate on a per-customer basis and each car can be ordered with a variety of engines and customizations. More information can be found at hotrodsandhorsepower.com.

Story by Supercars.net, ASC, Hot Rods & Horsepower.

In Detail

tags hotrod
submitted by Richard Owen
type Series Production Car
built at USA
price $ $ 85,000
engine Any Small Block V8
body / frame Steel over Stregthened Ford ’32 Replica Chassis
f suspension Rigid Axle or Independant Suspension
r suspension Live Axle or Independant Suspension