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2007 ASMA Eagle I

The new project becames through our amazing performances to a never seen experience on the roads of germany . This amazing model is crowned with the name Eagle I because managed to fetch the ruler of the air on the streets.

Viewing the items of the details the Eagle I would be a never ending occupation. Starting with the extended bonnet which makes trough his extreme bumper his name Eagle I all glory. The filigree air intakes completes the ruler’s picture.

Like the powerful wings of an eagle which are shown by the typical elegant ASMA Design air intakes at the mudguard of the eagle and which are construated till the back of the back doors and which let them be an eye-catcher of the year 2006.

Promises are promises and we keep our promises because we put another accent on the rear which makes you scared like the dominating front and the exhaust system which lays under it. You will notice him before he attentions with his dominating optic. This proves that the Eagle I is absolutely equipped in the technical area.

Except the already mentioned sport exhaust the under lowing of the Eagle from 40 mm makes him to an pedigreed strafer which drives on the ASMA Design wheels and which boasts on the front axle in 9,5 x 21 inch and on the back axle in 11 x 21. The wheels are on the front axle vast 255/30/21 and on the back axle 295/25/21.